LNG Seagoing

Short sea LNG tanker

Length overall: 99.00 meters
Width: 15.40 meters
Cavity: 9.60 meters
Depth: 5.30 meters
Tonnage: 3,600 tons

LNG – Oil Combi tanker

Length overall: 99,00 meters
Width: 15,40 meters
Cavity: 9,60 meters
Depth: 4,30 meters
Tonnage: 2.500 tons

Cargotanks: one LNG (-164 ºC) 1 x 2.000 m3
4 HFO, 2 MDO, 2 MGO: max. capacity aprox 2.960 m3
Gasoil: 50 m3
Main engine: Dual fuel 1.400 kW

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