Pusher PB6000

Gepubliceerd op 28-04-2015

After the keel-laying ceremony in Lemmer in February, construction of the bodies of two pushers for Imperial Shipping has started under the supervision of Bijlsma Lemmer. At Pattje Waterhuizen a total of eight bottom sections will be constructed. These sections will be shipped to Lemmer by water, after which they will be linked together at the Bijlsma dock at Lemmer. The other sections will be constructed at the location of Bijlsma at Lemmer and these will be placed upon the bottom sections in the dock. According to schedule, the first complete pusher body will be towed to VEKA Werkendam by mid-July and the second by mid-September. At VEKA Werkendam the bodies will be completed.

After the trial runs of both vessels in the first quarter of 2016, the finished pushers will be loaded aboard a transport ship for a voyage to South America.

The final destination is the Panará River, where they will sail with a maximum of twelve lighters as a convoy.

This is a very special project for the VEKA Group, with an innovative design being released on the market.

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